Why Choose Spider Tracker?

Analyze and optimize KPI's

Setup and Track Offers, Campaigns, LP's, Multi-Paths and more

Optimize Traffic

Filter, Block, and Redirect clicks

Maximize ROI

Day/Week Parting, CPC and ClickID Analysis Updater, and Customizable Reporting

Token Tracking Setup

Pass Your Own Tokens Or Supplied by Traffic Source and ClickIDs To Offers Automatically Or Manually

Post-Click Redirects

Redirect traffic by Country, Carrier, ISP, Manufacturer, Device Types, OS and more

Limitless Capabilities

Setup, Track, Rotate and Split-Test Campaigns, Offers, Landing Pages, Paths and more

Custom Campaign Options

Echo and pass Custom Campaign Variables and Data for Optimized Landing Pages, Paths and more

Custom Field Grouping

Analyze Stats By Carriers, ISP's, Manufacturers, Devices, OS, Models, LP's, Offers and moree

Endless Rotation

Rotate Offers, Landing Pages, Multiple Paths And more With Weighted % Rotation

Traffic and Referrer Blocking

Block Bots, Spiders, Reviewers, Referrers, and more With Double Meta Refresh and Redirects

Time Reporting

Group Campaign Data, Landing Pages and Offer Stats By Specific Date Ranges and Time Zones

Track Affiliate Networks

Setup, Rotate, Track and Split-Test CPA Offers, Affiliate Networks and Ad Platforms

Industrial-strength reporting system

Industrial-strength reporting system

Truly state of the art Data Storage architecture -- SpiderTracker uses asynchronous processing -- clicks and redirects are never slowed down while data is being processed or stored.

You will enjoy all the benefits of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) system for reporting and data analysis. Just to illustrate - the EDW system you will be using is kind of like being a business-class passenger on the board of a modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner compare to paddling on a boat, which could represent good-ol’ MySQL-based tracker (with all the due respect to MySQL, it is great for application data but has a lot of limitations when it comes to reporting and data processing)

Big Data technology only multi-million dollar companies were able to afford until now

Big Data technology — we use one of the NoSQL databases that DOES NOT store data in relational tables which could slow down the performance of a system and require more and more RAM and CPUs to process. Instead we use the database and data-transmitting standards that simply were not available to you until SpiderTracker came into existence because having a team of top-notch developers would cost small business an arm and a leg.

Big Data Technology
Data storage

Data Storage

Your data is stored with a storage area network (SAN). It isn’t just a hard drive. It isn’t even array of hard drives, configured into a RAID 1 setup with instant data mirroring. It is a dedicated network of storage devices accessible only by the database applications. That means your data is safe, disaster recovery is fast, your data is cloned over multiple storage devices.

Web and Mobile Tracking

Of course you could track desktop and mobile traffic. These days that goes without saying. You could track Device Model, Manufacturer, OS Version, Carrier, Traffic type (Carrier, Wi-Fi).

Custom redirect rules for landing pages, offers, custom tokens and other.

Web and Mobile Tracking
Support Team

Outstanding Support Team

Complex solutions require professional teams. Marketers armed with self-hosted tracking solutions can easily get away with help of a system administrator. SpiderTracker has a team that works like a well oiled machine. We do all the job for you, and we do it 24/7. System administrators, disaster recovery manager, database wizards, brilliant developers, office manager and a dedicated support team are here for you.

We do answer inquires as fast as we can.

Most importantly, we are more than willing to implement features you need. While other companies may implement features they think you want or fix what they think needs fixing -- SpiderTracker’s team listens to your suggestions and is more than willing to implement what you want.

User Interface

You will like working with SpiderTracker’s custom built (not out-of-the-box solution) User Interface (UI). Why wouldn't you?! First - it is clean. We don’t have anything you don’t need or are not going to use. Secondly, it addresses principles of Web 2.0 design - simplicity, separate sections, strong and eye pleasing colors, simple navigation -- just to name a few. Finally, it uses the modern technology that minimizes loading time. Try it and you’ll be the judge.

User Interface