What "Flexible Reports" are

What "Flexible Reports" are


We love coding new features and today we have something exciting to share. Some time age we have coded reporting templates. Those templates allow you to pull very fast reports for any campaign. We then realized templates had to be securely stored and be editable with functionality like adding and removing columns. So, we had to update the page to reflect the recent changes -- will talk about that in a moment.

As we were coding "Flexible Reports", we realized we needed to develop the entire reporting system no other tracker on the market has.

You see, usually reports are limited by 3 dimensions. For example one report could show Placement, Ad Unit and Landing Page. 

More often than not, such a limitation imposed by technical side of the implementation. Existing database management software cannot quickly show a report for, let's say, the total performance of one particular smart phone model (iPhone 7s Plus) for all campaigns in the past 30 days.

As a result, our new interface could show you literally ANY report you want based on data you have in your account:


The User Interface consists of filters and other metrics. In the example on a screenshot above a user can run a reports by all smart phone brands. Since no filters were selected - the database of an entire account will be searched. Push the "Create Report" button. The we select a report from the list and click "View Report" -- you'll see a report by smart phone manufacturers.

As soon as report is created it can be edited and various filters can be applied. In the future you will be able to use templates when you analyze a specific campaign. Everything is very flexible and user friendly. We hope new feature will help you make more money.