What spidertracker is


Token Tracking Setup

This allows you to pass your own tokens or use those supplied by Traffic Source and Click IDs, which can be offered automatically or manually, we offer post click redirects as well.

Capabilities that go above and beyond

These include setup, premium tracking, rotate and split test campaigns, offers, landing pages, paths and more customized to your needs

Custom Field Grouping

We analyze stats by carriers, IPS’s, manufacturers, devices, OS, models, LP’s, offers and other services to meet your individual needs.

Endless Rotation

With offers, landing pages and multiple paths using weighted % rotation

Traffic and Referrer Blocking

With double Meta refresh and ultra-fast redirects you never have to worry about unwanted traffic. We block bots, spiders, reviewers and referrers.

Time Reporting

You will always know where your company stands with our time reporting capabilities. We are able to group campaign data, landing pages and offer stats by their specific date ranges and time zones.